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Public Hearing on Denti-Cal

March 19, 2018 Mr. Pedro Nava Chairman Little Hoover Commission 925 L Street, Suite 805 Sacramento, CA 95814 Re: Public Hearing on Denti-Cal, March 22, 2018 Dear Chairman Nava, Thank you for continuing to follow-up on the eye-opening Denti-Cal report issued in April 2016. It was an important start to ensuring equitable dental care access… Read more »

Livestream from AiA: National Aging and Policy Summit at AiA18

We’re unveiling a national survey with NORC at the University of Chicago that explores healthcare costs, coverage and perceptions of the healthcare system, and how we can apply the learnings to improve the policies and programs in support of successful aging. We’re also exploring the high cost of healthcare and what it means for the November… Read more »

Federal Telemedicine News—Summit: Skyrocketing Healthcare Costs

Edited by Carolyn Bloch West Health Institute’s “Healthcare Costs Innovation Summit” (HCI/DC 2018) www.hcidc.org gathered leaders representing many sectors of healthcare on February 21 2018 in Washington D.C. The speakers and attendees focused on spotlighting the best ideas, innovations, and practical policy solutions to find ways to deal with the immediate healthcare cost crisis in America. They… Read more »

Runaway Health Care Costs Are Steamrolling Americans

OPINION   BY SHELLEY LYFORD February 28, 2018 How is it that the world’s largest economy can’t deliver affordable and effective health care to its citizens? After an eight-year run-up in the stock market and unemployment at a 15-year low, increasing numbers of Americans face insolvency from medical debt. Not because they lack insurance, but because they… Read more »

Next Avenue: How to Lower Health Care Costs in America—5 recommendations from experts at a West Health summit

By Holly Lawrence Part of the POLITICAL ISSUES AND POLICIES SPECIAL REPORT As nearly everyone knows, America’s health care costs are astronomical and likely to continue rising. A Health Affairs study just projected national health care spending will grow an average of 5.5 percent every year through 2026. As Martin Gaynor, an economics professor at Carnegie Mellon… Read more »

MedPage Today: Former CMS Chiefs Debate Drug Prices – Slavitt, McClellan square off

by Shannon Firth, Washington Correspondent, MedPage Today WASHINGTON — Two former government officials sparred over the best way to tackle out-of-control healthcare spending at the Healthcare Costs Innovation Summit, sponsored by West Health, on Wednesday. While they agreed on certain issues, like the gridlock in Congress, things got interesting when the issue of drug costs popped up. Andy… Read more »

MedCity News: 3 thoughts that emerged from the Healthcare Costs Innovation Summit

By ERIN DIETSCHE Healthcare is a multi-faceted industry. There are numerous sides to the discussion: patient care, the supply chain, policy, new technologies and provider wellness, to name a few. Cost, however, is one area of healthcare that isn’t as much fun to talk about. When it is brought up, it’s often a topic people resort to complaining about…. Read more »