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Forbes: How The Young And Old Worry About Aging

March 24, 2017 By Richard Eisenberg, Contributor Young and old Americans, it turns out, have very similar worries about aging, according to a fascinating new survey unveiled at the American Society on Aging conference I’m attending in Chicago. The West Health Institute/NORC Survey on Aging in America polled 3,026 adults age 30 and older to see… Read more »

National Survey Unveils Perspectives and Implications on Aging Policies and Practices Across Decades

A major national survey from West Health and NORC at the University of Chicago explores what it means to grow older, revealing important insights and perspectives across the decades – what really matters for healthcare, social services, quality of life, caregiving, priorities and lifestyle. Survey results will provide a cross-generational snapshot of aging in America today to better inform programs, policy and practice, and ensure successful aging for all.

With Age Comes a Mouthful of Trouble

By the time Mr. Maddalena, 79, made an appointment at the new nonprofit Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center in January, he had advanced periodontal disease, a couple of large cavities and three teeth that needed extraction.

Consultant 360 Successful Aging Podcast – Shelley Lyford

March 23, 2017 IS PRIMARY CARE READY TO CARE FOR THE AGING POPULATION? President and CEO of West Health Institute, Shelley Lyford, discusses the overall results of the “Survey on Aging in America,” which was published by the West Health Institute and NORC of the University of Chicago. Please click here to listen to the… Read more »

Consultant 360 Successful Aging Podcast – Zia Agha

March 23, 2017 AGING SUCCESSFULLY IN AMERICA The “Survey on Aging in America” has found that Americans are optimistic about aging. But who is benefiting the most from aging, and what can we do in the future to ensure everyone ages successfully? Find out as Dr. Zia Agha, from the West Health Institute, explains. Please… Read more »