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Integrating Social Services and Home-Based Primary Care for High-Risk Patients

Joe Feinglass, PhD,1 Greg Norman, PhD,2 Robyn L. Golden, MA, LCSW,3 Naoko Muramatsu, PhD,4 Michael Gelder, MHA,5 and Thomas Cornwell, MD6 Abstract There is a consensus that our current hospital-intensive approach to care is deeply flawed. This review article describes the research evidence for developing a better system of care for high-cost, high-risk patients. It… Read more »

Health Affairs: The Journey Of Geriatric Emergency Medicine: Acceleration, Diffusion, And Collaboration As Keys To Continued Growth

By Kelly Ko, Adriane Lesser, Kevin Biese, Ula Hwang, and Christopher Carpenter As more and more of us live longer and healthier lives, we are becoming part of one of the largest demographic shifts in US history, as some 10,000 Americans now turn 65 every day. Innovations in health and care have helped make that increased longevity possible, and now… Read more »


Abstracts 2017 Israni, J., Lesser, A. & Ko., K. (September, 2017) Emergency Department Utilization Among Seniors with Dementia: Revisit Rates by Discharge Disposition in California. Poster presented at The California State University Institute for Palliative Care National Symposium for Academic Palliative Care Education and Research. San Marcos, CA. Castillo, E.M., Brennan, J.J., Hsia, R.Y., Chalmers,… Read more »

The Journal of Emergency Medicine publishes West Health and UCSD study on home health costs as an alternative to hospital care

INTRODUCTION The Journal of Emergency Medicine has published the following peer-reviewed article, which provides cost savings evidence for home health care. West Health has recognized that home-centered care can be a focal point for seniors, offering the option for effective care provided within the safety and comfort of home. The study described in this paper… Read more »