August 1, 2019

California’s Master Plan for Aging: Understanding Voters’ Views and the Policy Implications Lunch Briefing

Join We Stand with Seniors in Sacramento on Thurs., Aug. 1 for a free briefing about California’s New Master Plan for Aging.


June 21, 2019

Businesses will spend $810 billion this year on employee healthcare, a spiraling expense that is stifling growth.

Learn more about how healthcare expenses affect businesses, families, and states on healthcostcrisis.org.



Middle-class working Americans are facing stagnant wages, insurance premiums that take more and more of their paychecks, and soaring deductibles that leave them with #medicalbills they can’t afford lat.ms/2XQ6YhZ #HCcosts

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ENHANCED WEBSITE AND RESOURCES! Now Easier to Find the Latest News and More

West Health and The SCAN Foundation launched the nonpartisan, public awareness and education campaign, We Stand With Seniors…will you? We are pleased to announce a refreshed WeStandWithSeniors.org to make it easier to follow aging news and #StandWithSeniors activities to support the creation of a Master Plan for Aging in California.


Through video, livestreams, webinars and other multimedia, we are working to shine the light on the challenges facing seniors in this country and the actions we need to take to lower the cost of healthcare for all Americans.

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