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Drug Pricing Reform: The Costs of Inaction

For decades, drugmakers have hid behind the unproven notion that skyrocketing drug prices are necessary to sustain innovation. In practicality, drugmakers do not reinvest the majority of their profits in research and development, nor does the pharmaceutical industry drive innovation. As Congress considers action to rein in costs and help Americans struggling to afford needed… Read more »

Two Ways to Reduce Prescription Drug Costs

The Health Savers Initiative is a project of West Health, the Committee for the Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB), and Arnold Ventures, which identifies bold and concrete policy options to make healthcare more affordable for the federal government, businesses, and households. The purpose of the Health Savers Initiative is to develop policy-ready options that will lower… Read more »

Why We Sponsor Last Mile Ride

Gifford’s 16th annual Last Mile event supports end-of-life and palliative care services. Gifford provides special care in two suites to support patients and their grieving families. The Last Mile fundraiser supports hospice care that includes a variety of pain management alternative therapies. The organization also provides family member support, including meals, assistance with travel costs,… Read more »