An Important Message from our President and CEO

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, especially seniors who are at greater risk for the virus, and those who are sick. This virus is putting enormous strain on our entire population and placing new pressures on an already fragile health system, not to mention our economy. The good news is we have weathered crises together before, and, together, we will get through this one with new ideas, practices and policies that make us stronger not only during pandemics, but always.  

At West Health, we are focused on supporting seniors and this public health crisis has reminded us just how important our work is. Our mission is inspired by being responsive to the needs of seniors and that commitment remains strong as we navigate this pandemic with our collaborators who are providing healthcare, the delivery of meals, in-home care, supportive services, geriatric emergency care and telehealth services, which allow seniors to get care from the comfort of their own homes rather than having to go to a hospital or clinic where they risk exposure to the virus. We were so pleased to see that telehealth options for Medicare recipients are being expanded. It’s an underutilized, common-sense platform that should be an everyday component of care.

At our own facilities in San Diego and Washington, DC, we’ve implemented multiple safety measures including shifting to a work from home schedule, “social distancing,” placing restrictions on travel and following all guidance and safety precautions from the U.S. Centers for Control and Prevention (CDC) and federal, local and state health officials. Our top priority is the safety of our employees, collaborators and the older adults we serve.

While we may be socially distant, we must as a community and society stay connected so that we may emerge from this adversity stronger than ever.

Please stay safe, take all precautions and make sure you check on the seniors in your life!

Shelley Lyford

Shelley Lyford
President and CEO, West Health