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A Path Forward…
A Note from our President and CEO, Shelley Lyford

June 10, 2020 Life as we know it has forever changed as our nation continues to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, systemic racism and injustice, political division, economic hardship and human suffering. While the wounds run deep and the list is long, we are seeing signs of hope that over time we will emerge from… Read more »

Pricing Remdesivir: A Domestic Reference Price Approach

June 23, 2020 by Sean Dickson and Timothy A. Lash  As COVID-19 continues to ravage US communities, the costs in terms of lives and lost wages are severe, particularly among seniors and minority communities. Treating COVID-19 shouldn’t disproportionately add to these costs, but the history of drug pricing in the United States provides reason for concern. The… Read more »

Black Lives Matter:
A Message from Our President and CEO Shelley Lyford

June 8, 2020 Black Lives Matter. We are grieved and outraged by the brutal deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and others who have been hurt or killed by racist violence. The peaceful protests we are witnessing around the nation and in our own communities are righteous and needed to help bring about an… Read more »

Federal Government Awards $354M to Civica Rx and Partners to Expand Generic Drug Manufacturing and Create Nation’s First Stockpile of Key Drug Ingredients

May 19, 2020 This week the West Health family of organizations hit another major milestone! I’m very excited to announce that Civica Rx, the nonprofit generic drug manufacturer created in 2018 by seven leading health systems and three national foundations including the Gary and Mary West Foundation, is now part of a new and historic… Read more »

7 Key Steps in Developing New Options for Responding to Unplanned Acute Care

April 16, 2020  Sadie, a 76-year-old who lives alone and suffers from chronic renal stones suddenly developed acute flank pain resulting in four medical visits in one week. First to her primary care provider (PCP), second to the emergency department (ED), and a third visit to Urgent Care. Each time she was sent home and instructed… Read more »

Take the Pledge to Combat Social Isolation Among Older Adults

April 1, 2020 Today, the California Department of Aging and the California Health and Human Services Agency announced the Stay Home, Save Lives, Check In Campaign. They’re encouraging people, like us, to take a few minutes out of each day to check-in with our older neighbors. Let’s make sure they feel connected and that they… Read more »