The John A. Hartford Foundation invests in aging experts and practice innovations that transform how the care of older adults is delivered. Since 1982, The John A. Hartford Foundation has awarded more than $565 million in grants to enhance the health and well-being of older people.

We’re in a research partnership to launch a Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative that will improve the quality of care that older adults receive in EDs across the country.

In collaboration with The John A. Hartford Foundation and The National PACE Association through its PACE 2.0 project, we’re aiming to increase the number of people served by PACE organizations to 200,000 by 2028. Project goals include providing existing PACE organizations with tools and best practices in support of growth and scale; outreach to organizations that are well-positioned to become PACE programs; conducting research to identify and remove operational and policy barriers to growth, and exploring service beyond those who are 55 and older and requiring nursing home level of care.