Why does my healthcare cost too much?

Make your healthcare vote count in the 2018 elections

Ask your elected officials these questions from our checklist published in ads in The Washington Post and USA TODAY, and hold them accountable for how the legislative changes impact healthcare costs for all Americans.

The high cost of healthcare for Americans matters. The current healthcare bills do not lower the cost of healthcare in a long-term, sustainable way.

If you care about the cost of healthcare for you, your loved ones and our future generations, join us in our efforts and encourage others to take action and spread the word:

•  Raise your voice! Contact your elected official with the sample letter to share your concerns on healthcare costs
•  Download and share the checklist and our related images below
•  Join the conversation on social media using  #healthcarecoststoomuch


Raise your voice!

Download a sample letter to share your concerns with your elected official – you can find their contact information below

Contact Your U.S. Senators – Find the website and contact information for your U.S. Senators.

Contact Your U.S. Representative – Find the website and contact information for your U.S. Representative.

Download and Share our Checklist!

Download the checklist to ask your elected official the right questions

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