West Health and ICAN

Iowa’s Healthcare Cost Crisis Exposed

Over 450,000 Iowa Families Didn’t Seek Treatment Last Year Due to Cost

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of Iowa families did not seek treatment sometime in the last year for a health problem due to the cost of care, according to a new report from the Iowa Citizens Action Network (ICAN) in association with nonprofit and nonpartisan West Health and Global Strategy Group.

The report on the healthcare cost crisis and its consequences is based on a survey of 600 adults conducted Aug. 20–30, 2020

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  • 461,587 Iowa families did not seek treatment for a health problem last year due to cost of care.
  • 364,411 Iowans could not pay for drugs or medicine that a doctor prescribed.

3 in 4 Iowa families report healthcare costs are going up.

52% of Iowans prefer a public official who will prioritize bringing down healthcare costs over lowering taxes or reducing regulations.

Over 260,000 Iowans had a friend or family member who died in the past 5 years because they couldn’t afford medical treatment.