Health Affairs Publishes West Health Analysis on Medicare Advantage Benefits

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Health Affairs’ blog today posted a submission from the West Health Policy Center’s Chris Pope outlining the benefits of Medicare Advantage, a coverage option that almost a third of Medicare beneficiaries – 17 million seniors and disabled – use to receive their benefits from a choice of private health care plans instead of being managed by the Federal government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


“Much has been written about the relative merits of Medicare Advantage (MA) and Medicare Fee-For-Service from the standpoint of efficiency and care coordination, but less attention has been paid to the supplemental benefits that distinguish MA plans,” Pope writes. “The bulk of supplemental benefits under MA are features of greater value to the sick than to the healthy. In addition to mandatory supplemental protection from catastrophic out-of-pocket costs, the majority of MA plans include preventive dental care, eye care, and hearing assistance.”

Please click here to read the full post in Health Affairs’ blog.