Malcolm Gladwell Keynotes Healthcare Data Interoperability Summit

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March 02, 2014

The global narrative for “digital health” is relatively easy because the opportunities are so enormous. The only real limit is our imagination. Some of the more recent developments have been breathtaking – and include everything from genomics and personalized medicine to 3-D printing to putting healthcare literally in the palm of our hands (or the embedded sensors we will all wear or consume). At the core of it all is a single strategic component – data.

But the challenges are equally enormous – and nowhere is that more evident than data interoperability. This key alignment is at the heart of enormous (often competing) financial interests, true patient engagement and the health (both financial and clinical) of nations – including our own. The lack of this alignment is more than just inconvenient because it often results in gross inefficiencies, fraud, misaligned incentives and errors – all of which result in outcomes that are more expensive and less than desirable (including death).

… Sponsored by West Health Institute (previous coverage by Forbes colleague Zina Moukheiber here), the daylong event – Health Care Innovation Day – was notable for three reasons. First, it had a singular focus on healthcare data interoperability; second because it was co-sponsored by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC); and third because it included a compelling keynote by master storyteller and serial-bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell ….

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HCI-DC 2014: Igniting an Interoperable Health Care System.