National Review: What Does My Health Care Cost?

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March 23, 2017

March 23, 2017

Spending can be kept under control by letting patients know the real costs.

The halls of Congress look nothing like the waiting and examination rooms of a doctor’s office. Lawmakers may talk about health-care costs, but they don’t work in the medical trenches, where my patients and I are shielded by insurance from knowing both the real price and the negotiated price of a given service. Not knowing and not paying directly leads to overuse (as long as deductibles have been met), as my patients come to see me when they don’t need to, for every upper-respiratory infection or sprained ankle or sleepless night. Doctors like me may then defensively overtest with an x-ray or overtreat with an antibiotic Z pack or sleeping pill to make our patients happy. Neither of us feels the pain of it in the pocketbook.

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