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Opinion: There’s good reason to be thankful: Democrats are no longer in charge of the People’s House

By Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA.) November 21, 2022 The 2022 midterm elections are over. Inflation is at 7.7 percent. President Biden says he’ll do nothing differently. That’s where we stand entering this Thanksgiving weekend. But in true holiday fashion, there’s good reason to be thankful this year: Democrats are no longer in charge of the People’s House. Biden may… Read more »

With Philanthropy Leading the Way, States Are Planning for an Aging America

By Wendy Paris November 21, 2022 The master plan movement, now active in more than a dozen states and counting, marks a major, positive shift in how states address aging — and one heavily influenced by philanthropy.  “In a lot of ways, philanthropy is driving these master plans,” said Lindsay Goldman, CEO of Grantmakers in… Read more »

With Improved Standards, Telehealth Could Significantly Enhance Senior Care

By Mark Melchionna November 10, 2022 Published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, new commentary from researchers at West Health discusses the potential of telehealth in providing seniors with improved care, along with recommendations and a framework for future use. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that telehealth provided a wide range of benefits for… Read more »

Dementia and delirium in the ER:
Providing better care for older patients

AARP and GEDC videos provide action steps for providers, patients and family caregivers to better identify and manage issues related to brain health in the emergency room   WASHINGTON – AARP and the Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative (GEDC) have teamed up to release two short educational videos about dementia care and the risks of delirium, or… Read more »

Three Funders Pool Efforts to Allow Older Americans to Age in Place

By Wendy Paris November 1, 2022 One indisputable takeaway from COVID: A nursing home is not a great place to be during a pandemic.  The death rate in nursing homes during the pandemic was horrifying, and the loneliness and isolation due to visitor restrictions created ripple effects of misery throughout family systems. Even now, more… Read more »

Republican ideas to reform Medicare could rile health care industry

By Rachel Cohrs October 27, 2022 Democrats are suddenly blasting Republicans on the campaign trail over a surprising new topic: their plans to reform Medicare. Touching any kind of entitlement spending is generally unpopular with voters, particularly ahead of a midterm election. Republicans’ official campaign platform provides scant detail about the issue, beyond a vague… Read more »

ACA is MIA from campaign fights for first time in more than a decade

By Victoria Knight and Andrew Solender October 21, 2022 The Affordable Care Act, a trigger point in political campaigns for more than a decade, has been conspicuously absent from debates and campaign rhetoric this year. The question is how much that’s depriving Democrats of a valuable talking point. The big picture: After multiple failed attempts to… Read more »

Poll: Voters may cross party lines for lower health care costs

October 20, 2022 Almost 40% of Americans are willing to split their ticket and vote for a candidate from the opposing party who made a top priority of lowering health costs, according to a Gallup/West Health poll published today, Axios’ Victoria Knight writes. Why it matters: Though candidates haven’t been talking much about medical costs in the run-up to the… Read more »