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Medicare considers covering expensive Alzheimer’s drug for those in clinical trials

NPR’s Morning Edition discussed a proposal announced on January 11, which Medicare would cover the expensive and controversial Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm — but only for those participating in clinical trials. West Health Policy Director Sean Dickson was interviewed in the segment: “It’s not something that we as taxpayers should be paying for if it’s not actually going to help people.”

Americans avoiding health care in pandemic over cost concerns

Nearly half of Americans say the pandemic has worsened their perceptions of the U.S. health care system, with many describing it as “broken” or “expensive,” according to the West Health-Gallup survey released this week.

It was a year of both good and bad pandemic news

Nearly a third of Americans have skipped health-care appointments in the last three months over concerns about cost — a figure which has tripled since March, according to a survey from Gallup and West Health.

Surge in Americans skipping medical care due to cost, Gallup says

Nearly a third of Americans — triple the share since March— say they’ve skipped medical care for a health problem in the previous three months due to concerns about the cost, according to a new study from Gallup and West Health.