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Four in 10 Americans Cut Spending to Cover Healthcare Costs

By Dan Witters August 4, 2022 WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rising healthcare costs have compelled nearly four in 10 Americans in the past six months to delay or skip healthcare treatments, trim regular household expenses or borrow money. That translates into an estimated 98 million adults having to take extraordinary steps to afford healthcare. These results… Read more »

As inflation takes a toll, Americans face tough decisions about medical care

By Gabe Cohen August 4, 2022 There are medicines that Angelina Scott can’t live without. Between her Atrial Fibrillation, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, the 45-year-old notary is currently taking five prescriptions. “You can’t tell your heart, please don’t stop beating,” Scott told CNN.   But with sky high inflation and hundreds of dollars… Read more »

Vaccine Rollout Was Weaker In Greater Black Populations And Rural Areas, Study Finds

By Brian Bushard July 28, 2022 Healthcare facilities in U.S. counties with higher Black populations were 32% less likely to offer Covid-19 vaccines than areas with smaller than average Black populations, according to a new study published Thursday in the journal PLOS Medicine, as health experts continue to emphasize the need for equal access to vaccines as key… Read more »

Mark Cuban’s pharmacy startup is actually making drugs less expensive. It’s still working on solving the real problem

By Annika Kim Constantino July 28, 2022 Mark Cuban’s new online pharmacy promises steep discounts on hundreds of prescription drugs, and for the most part, it’s delivering. The problem, experts say, is where it’s still falling short. Cost Plus Drugs, which launched in January, offers more than 800 generic drugs that treat common diseases like… Read more »

The Importance Of Affordable Healthcare: Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

By Aysha Khan July 14, 2022 The average monthly cost of insulin in the U.S., including generics, can range from $50 with prescription coverage to over $1,000 without. Largely applicable across many medications, this type of cost disparity underscores the importance of maintaining appropriate health coverage for those who already have it. But as a… Read more »

Deferred care, inflation fuel mounting cost pressure for Americans’ healthcare

By Molly Gamble June 15, 2022 Americans aged 50 and older are feeling the pressure of healthcare costs, with 4 in 10 concerned about their ability to pay for care and others forgoing treatment altogether, skipping prescriptions or cutting back on daily living expenses to afford healthcare. The findings come from a survey of 6,663 U.S. adults… Read more »

US Elderly Skimp on Food, Clothes to Pay for Health Care

By Sri Taylor June 15, 2022 Older Americans are sacrificing basic necessities to afford costly health services, according to a survey that shows how many elderly people cut personal expenses to take care of medical needs.  Out-of-pocket health costs for elders in the US rose 41% from 2009 to 2019, according to findings from analytics firm Gallup Inc…. Read more »

Health care consumers feeling economic sting

By Adriel Bettelheim and Tina Reed June 15, 2022 Inflation is changing the way we eat, shop and spend our leisure time. And the cost spiral is influencing how Americans weigh health care against other necessities. The big picture: During the pandemic, Americans aged 50 to 64 said they’ve been skipping medications, cutting back on food and… Read more »