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Forbes: The Information Highway To Connected Health Care

Many patients receive care from a village of health care providers — who might know nothing about what the other villagers are doing. Digital data silos keep providers in the dark, hindering their ability to dispense the care that is called for by new business models that value quality over quantity….

Deseret News: New Utah company aims to solve prescription drug shortage problem

Some of the most essential generic medications are about to become more available and more affordable, thanks to a new, one-of-a-kind company with a mission to put patients first. Civica Rx, a nonprofit generic drug company headquartered in Utah, has more than 900 hospitals across the United…

U.S. Seniors Pay Billions, yet Many Cannot Afford Healthcare

The “golden years” American seniors anticipate enjoying may require actual gold, or the dollar equivalent, to pay for rising healthcare costs; a recent study has revealed seniors face a concerning cost burden due to a healthcare system in the United States that spends almost double per person what any other developed…

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Wednesday, April 3rd 2019    Health Care Costs Summit, Morning Session  C-SPAN Health Care Costs Summit, Afternoon Session  C-SPAN The Reality Of Paying For Health Care In America: Billions In Borrowed Funds, Debilitating Bankruptcy Fears And Skipping Treatments Kaiser Health News Health care costs are so high that many people skip treatment, medications: Survey  ABC News… Read more »

Americans Borrowed $88 Billion to Pay for Health Care Last Year, Survey Finds

By Karen Zraick Americans borrowed an estimated $88 billion over the last year to pay for health care, according to a survey released on Tuesday by Gallup and the nonprofit West Health. The survey also found that one in four Americans have skipped treatment because of the cost, and that nearly half fear bankruptcy in the event of… Read more »