Patient Advocates Fight for Access to Medical Data: ‘It’s a Matter of Life and Death’

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May 11, 2015

For Julia Hallisy, putting medical information into the hands of patients isn’t just a professional crusade; it’s a personal one.

Hallisy learned the hard way that patients and their families, and not just doctors, can benefit from accessing personal medical documents, including scans, test results and written notes.

That’s because her daughter Kate fought cancer five times by the time she was ten-years-old.

“After requesting Kate’s records, I saw all sorts of things that concerned me, whether it was tired residents making mistakes, factual errors, or written notes that contradicted each other.”

“Most people don’t ask for a copy of their medical record, which is a terrible mistake,” she said.

… Today, the debate is raging between doctors, patient groups and the government about how to mediate patients’ access to their own health records ….

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