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West Wireless Health Institute CEO Carries Low-Cost Health Care Message to Business Community

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March 16, 2012

SAN DIEGO, CA – March 16, 2012 – The Gary and Mary West Wireless Health Institute announced today that its inaugural Chief Executive Officer, Donald M. Casey Jr., will resign his position as CEO while retaining a seat as a Director on the Institute’s Board.  Casey expects to accept a position with a major healthcare company, where he will continue to carry the Institute’s message that lowering the cost of healthcare is good not only for society as a whole, but also for patients, healthcare providers, and business organizations.

The Institute, a non-profit medical research organization, was founded by Gary and Mary West in 2009 and is dedicated to lowering the cost of healthcare through its research, analysis, advocacy and implementation of potential solutions.

“We believe that the cost of healthcare is the most pressing issue facing the country today,” said Gary West, Founder and Chairman of the West Wireless Health Institute.  “Throughout Don’s tenure over the course of the last two years, we have built an effective and capable organization at the Institute, including the recruitment of a world-class management team.  We have also launched related organizations, including the West Health Policy Center and the West Health Investment Fund, all aimed at lowering the cost of healthcare.  We are grateful for Don’s service during this foundational period.”

“In addition to our top-notch management team, we have an outstanding Board of Directors and have already initiated a search for a new CEO.  Based on the enthusiasm and caliber of our top candidates thus far for this position, we have no doubt this is one of the premier jobs in the healthcare sector.  We are optimistic that an exceptional successor will be named soon,” said West.  “While we of course would have preferred not to lose Don, we are heartened that his experience with us in creating and promoting low cost healthcare solutions will help to influence the decision-making of a major healthcare company and catalyze the industry’s focus on the urgency of the cost problem.”

“I have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Gary and Mary West and the entire West Health team to build an outstanding organization,” said Casey.  “All of America should be grateful to Gary and Mary for their commitment to lowering the cost of healthcare in this country.  In my new role, I will focus on bringing novel, cost-effective solutions to the healthcare marketplace, so I am pleased to be carrying on the important work of West Health.”

“I am deeply committed to lowering the cost of healthcare,” said Casey.  “My tenure as CEO of this one-of-a-kind Institute has provided me a unique opportunity to dive into this national issue in great depth and has strengthened my belief in the Institute’s important mission.  I look forward to bringing to the business community a fresh perspective on providing cost-effective healthcare solutions to the public.”

The first quarter of 2012 has been a period of tremendous activity for the Institute and its related entities.  In addition to the announcement of the West Health Policy Center, the Institute sponsored the Care Innovation Summit in Washington D.C. with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services attended by more than 1,200 people.  The Institute’s Wireless Health Council announced the release of a novel reference architecture to create a Medical Grade Wireless Utility available at no cost to hospitals and healthcare systems throughout the United States.

Additionally, the Institute announced, with the Carlos Slim Health Institute, the Sense4Baby™ wireless fetal monitor pilot research study in Mexico.  Over the course of the past two years, the Institute has grown from less than six full time employees to a team of more than seventy that includes physicians, engineers, software experts, financial analysts, and other critical support personnel.

The other directors of the Institute are Gary West, Dr. Eric Topol, Charles Sederstrom, Esq. and Jim Hasson, Esq.