Lowering Healthcare Costs

West Health is continuing its efforts by focusing the 2019 Summit on three key areas of interest: lowering drug costs, enacting value-based care over fee-for-service models, and price transparency.

The Opportunity

The rising cost of healthcare is a growing economic and public health crisis that hurts the U.S. economy, threatens individual financial security, compromises care and reduces patient access. Excessive spending on healthcare places significant burdens on American businesses and family budgets and endangers the funding of vital programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

  • Three common sense reforms – allowing Medicare to directly negotiate prescription drug prices with drug companies, accelerating the move to a value-based care system and requiring greater price transparency – are key to lowering healthcare costs and improving health outcomes.

Our Goal

Our goal is to develop and share specific recommendations and policy and practice prescriptions to be published and their implementation facilitated with elected officials, policymakers, health systems, insurers, businesses, patients and other stakeholders. Progress will measured to hold stakeholders accountable for reducing healthcare costs.

Three National Foundations Commit $30 Million To Civica Rx, A Groundbreaking Effort To Address Shortages And High Prices Of Life-Saving Medications

To address the critical risks posed to patients from chronic shortages and rising prices of life-saving generic medications, three national foundations committed $30 million to help establish Civica Rx, a new not-for-profit generic drug company. The Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the Peterson Center on Healthcare and the Gary and Mary West Foundation each committed $10 million, joining seven large U.S. hospital systems representing approximately 500 U.S. hospitals as governing members of Civica Rx. The formation of Civica Rx was announced earlier today.

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Healthcare Costs Innovation Summit

The rising cost of healthcare is a growing and major threat to our economy, our financial security and our individual health. For too long, we’ve been paying too much and not getting enough in return. The U.S. healthcare system is on an unsustainable cost trajectory. We have an urgent need to address this cost crisis so that healthcare can become more accessible and more affordable for all Americans. Now is the time.

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Lowering Healthcare Costs Care News

A September survey by West Health Institute and NORC at the University of Chicago, 39% of voters 65 and older said prescription drug prices should be the single top priority for candidates.
Patient advocate Gail deVore Cites West Health research in opinion about outrageous drug costs
A recent survey funded by San Diego’s West Health Institute found that 65 percent of Americans are extremely or very concerned about the ever-growing cost of prescription drugs.
Older voters could be a decisive bloc in the midterm elections, particularly since recent polls have showed registered voters 65+ leaning decisively towards Democratic congressional candidates, a sharp reversal from previous election cycles.
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