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Webinar: A Cry for Help – The Healthcare Cost Crisis Amid COVID-19

THANK YOU FOR JOINING US! THE WEBINAR RECORDING CAN BE VIEWED HERE. The COVID-19 crisis is highlighting structural weaknesses in the U.S. healthcare system that disadvantage patients. In addition to those who have tested positive for the virus, millions of Americans say cost would prohibit them from seeking treatment if they suspected they had COVID-19… Read more »

7 Key Steps in Developing New Options for Responding to Unplanned Acute Care

April 16, 2020  Sadie, a 76-year-old who lives alone and suffers from chronic renal stones suddenly developed acute flank pain resulting in four medical visits in one week. First to her primary care provider (PCP), second to the emergency department (ED), and a third visit to Urgent Care. Each time she was sent home and instructed… Read more »