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A Prescription for the Achilles Heel of Healthcare IT

Xconomy.com Opinion by Dr. Zia Agha What keeps doctors from sleeping at night? Electronic Health Records (EHRs). More specifically, the “homework” these essential-but-sometimes-inefficient systems generate is enough to cause nightmares….

Bringing Healthcare Home

There is a small, often underrepresented population in the U.S. healthcare debate that is critical to how we think about improving patient-centered care and lowering costs. Meet the frail elderly…

There’s something in the AirStrip

Earlier this week, the Gary and Mary West Health Investment Fund participated in a $25 million strategic investment round in AirStrip, a technology company bringing healthcare data to mobile devices….

Follow feds’ call to action on interoperability

Modern Healthcare Opinion submission by Nick Valeriani Just over 10 years ago, Apple made a difficult decision that would have an extraordinary impact on its future. At a time when…

Getting the USA Back on Top

Everybody loves a winner, and the United States is used to being a global leader on many different economic, financial and business lists. Unfortunately, our position is at the opposite…