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Medical Device Interoperability Infographic

Medical Device Interoperability – the ability of health information to be shared seamlessly across medical devices and systems – is a cornerstone to improving care coordination and the delivery of healthcare to the automated, connected and coordinated future care we all imagine.

To Err is Human: A Look Back

William Richardson, PhD, former chair of the Institute of Medicine Committee on Quality of Healthcare in America talks about when the landmark IOM Report: To Err is Human was released

To Err is Human: 15 Years Later

Q&A with Molly Joel Coye, MD, MPH, Chief Innovation Officer of UCLA Health at the University of California, Los Angeles.

To Err is Human: A Father’s Search for the Truth

Featuring John T. James, PhD, former chief toxicologist for a federal agency, who has dedicated his life to patient safety after the loss of his teenage son to medical errors in 2002.