West Health and University of Pittsburgh Develop County-Level Map of Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Locations

Tool exposes potential locations and populations with limited access to facilities to administer COVID-19 vaccines

As state and local authorities design their vaccine distribution and administrations plan, West Health and the University of Pittsburgh School of Health Sciences have released a map of the potential COVID-19 vaccine administration facilities across the country. The map identifies areas and populations with lower access to existing health care facilities to administer the vaccination. Broken into three different county-wide analyses, the map displays how many facilities there are to administer the vaccination per 10,000 residents, as well as identifies how many residents live within a 10-mile radius of a vaccination facility, with particular attention to how seniors live from a facility. This interactive visualization can serve as a tool to aid state and local authorities in the development of COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration plans. A copy of the full analysis can be found here.

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Interactive Visualization