Public Opinion Research

West Health has partnered with Gallup, a preeminent polling organization, since 2018 to give a voice to the opinions and experiences of the American people including the real-life consequences families face such as skipping treatments due to cost, staying in jobs out of fear of losing health insurance or knowing a family member or friend whose died after being unable to afford treatment.


The West Health-Gallup partnership also tracks public sentiment on the desire for policy action to rein in the high costs of healthcare services and prescription drugs. Consistently, the research demonstrates the need for government action to lower costs for all Americans.

Healthcare Affordability Dashboard

Rising costs and the postponement of care have been years in the making. Our interactive data dashboard serves as a tool for elected officials, policy makers, and the public to better understand the changing attitudes and behaviors toward healthcare, and what needs to be done to avoid putting the health of millions of Americans at risk.

Healthcare In America Report

The 2022 West Health-Gallup Healthcare in America Report, one of the largest surveys this year on public perceptions of the U.S. healthcare system, finds that nearly half the country (44%), or about 130 million Americans, give poor or failing grades to the U.S. healthcare system, percentages that climb higher and grow even more negative when it comes to affordability and health equity.

Recent Findings

A collection of West Health and Gallup’s ongoing research giving voice to the public’s concerns and guiding the way toward long-needed action on healthcare costs.