Area Health Resource File (AHRF)

Topic/focus: Cost and Utilization, Demographics, Healthcare Facilities and Services, Vital events, Other
Year(s): 1997, 2008 (EDRC); Current data (online) Loaded data 2000-2013
Source: HRSA
Study and sample characteristics: Health information based on geographic region
Variables: 6932 in the AHRF file and 1122 in the ARHFSN file Link to HRSA Downloaded variable dictionaries are located in the google drive under WHI Data Science/Data Sources/AHRF
Access: Publically available but store in SAS fixed length format. For CSV or redshift request access from data science core
Cost: Free to download
Key web links: HRSA
Description: County-Level Data single downloadable zip file (contains the data use license agreement, all documentation and the 2014-2015 Area Health Resources Files in ASCII format) State and National-Level Data single downloadable zip file (contains the data use license agreement, all the documentation and the 2014-2015 State and National Area Health Resources Files in ASCII format) MS Access Database version in a single downloadable .zip file (contains MS Access installer for the AHRF). Please unzip the file, double click on the AHRFsetup.exe, and follow the instructions from the 2014-2015 AHRF Access System Setup Wizard to setup the MS Access Database version of AHRF data.
Additional User and Technical Documentation: Documentation in a single downloadable zip file (contains technical and user documentation for the 2014-2015 County Are  Health Resources Files) Documentation in a single downloadable zip file (contains technical and user documentation for the 2014-2015 State and National Area Health Resources Files)