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Acute Care at Home

Our research study is focusing on the implementation of an acute care at home program from the Emergency Department as an alternative to inpatient admission for a specific cohort of patients.

Consultant 360: Vaccinations for the elderly: What physicians need to know

                  August 1, 2017 To raise awareness for National Immunization Awareness Month, Eliah Aronoff-Spencer, MD, PhD, from West Health and the University of California at San Diego, speaks with us about vaccinations in the elderly population and what physicians need to know. < PLEASE LISTEN TO THE… Read more »

Helping Seniors Get The Dental Care They Need

Learn how nonprofits West Health and the Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center are helping improve oral healthcare for low income seniors in San Diego and around the country.

Dental Care Changes Mike’s Life

73-year old, Mike, who after taking pain medication for a serious medical condition was suffering from extreme dry mouth, which greatly accelerated and exacerbated his tooth decay, resulting in 23 teeth being pulled by another dentist. After many courses of treatment at the Senior Dental Center, Mike received a full set of dentures and is now able to eat solid, nutritious food and enjoy life again

Dental Care Changes Patricia’s Life

Patricia, who is in her 80’s and was missing teeth, impacting her quality of life and her ability to be a loving grandmother to her great granddaughter. After the team at the Senior Dental Center restored her smile, she said she’d be smiling in her sleep