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Abstracts 2019 Norman, GJ, Kent, T, Kinosian, B, Kronick, R. (2019).  Feasibility of shared savings models for small home-based primary care practices.  Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, Vol 67 (Suppl S1), S171-172. Norman, GJ, Slaboda, JC. (2019). Family Caregivers’ Perceptions of How the Health System and Community Support Older Adults.  Aging in America, Annual… Read more »

Perspectives on Home-based Healthcare as an alternative to Hospital Admission After Emergency Treatment

The study objective was to explore emergency physicians’ (EP) awareness, willingness, and prior experience regarding transitioning patients to home-based healthcare following emergency department (ED) evaluation and treatment; and to explore patient selection criteria, processes, and services that would facilitate use of home-based healthcare as an alternative to hospitalization.

The Journal of Emergency Medicine publishes West Health and UCSD study on home health costs as an alternative to hospital care

West Health has recognized that home-centered care can be a focal point for seniors, offering the option for effective care provided within the safety and comfort of home. The study described in this paper was designed in collaboration with the UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine in order to explore the possibility of providing home-based acute care options.