Gary West began his career as a hospital administrator and went on to build one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Along with his wife Mary, Mr. West has founded numerous companies over the last four decades – beginning with WATS Telemarketing in 1978 and followed by West Corporation in 1986.

West Corporation became one of the largest customer relationship management providers in the world with more than 35,000 employees and $3.5 billion in annual sales. Since West Corporation was taken private in 2006, Mr. West and his wife have started and now lead a range of enterprises based in Southern California and the Midwest, including West Development and West Partners, a private equity firm.

Mr. West and his wife, Mary, formed the Gary and Mary West Foundation in 2006 to pursue their philanthropic interests. The Gary and Mary West Health Institute and the Gary and Mary West Health Policy Center is an extension of their philanthropy. These organizations share a singluar mission, dedicated to lowering the cost of healthcare and making successful aging a reality for seniors.