January 11, 2018

Health Affairs publishes West Health post on addressing challenges caregivers face

Working with the Center to Advance Palliative Care to help health care providers support and educate caregivers


November 14, 2017

FREE REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Healthcare Costs Innovation Summit

SEATING IS LIMITED for “Taking Bold Action and Creating Accountability to Solve Our Nation’s Healthcare Costs Crisis”



View a list of upcoming events and speaking engagements that our staff is involved with to support our successful aging initiatives.

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Past Events
October 28 – November 1, 2017: Improving the Value of Acute and Emergency Care: Frontline Innovation


Working with our research teams, we’re combining data and graphics that help tell the story of opportunities for helping seniors.

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Featured Infographics
New Insights Into America’s Views on Aging Successfully Oral Health Should Not Take a Backseat to General Health, Particularly for Seniors in Need Infographic


From healthcare experts to geriatric thought leaders, our research teams publish work that explores how successful aging can become a reality.

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Featured Publications
An Overview of Options for Home-based Healthcare at the Emergency Department


Through video, livestreams, webinars and other multimedia we are working to illustrate the challenges many seniors face to successful aging.

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Featured Multimedia
Enabling Successful Aging Insights on Senior Dental Needs