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Worth: Thinking Differently About Aging

Shelley Lyford among experts Worth Magazine asks about predictions for the next 25 years


West Health in the News

The New York Times: With Age Comes a Mouthful of Trouble

Read about the Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center in the New York Times


Press Release

Worries About Aging Loom Large for Americans Over 30, Survey Finds

New National Survey from West Health Institute/NORC Gauges Hopes, Fears and Perceptions of Aging During Each Decade of Life After 30 and Finds Common Ground Between Age Groups


West Health in the News

PBS’ Next Avenue: How the Young and Old Worry About Aging

Leading website for aging news looks at the WHI/Norc Survey on Aging in America



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New Insights Into America’s Views on Aging Successfully Oral Health Should Not Take a Backseat to General Health, Particularly for Seniors in Need Infographic

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Our research teams are working with proprietary data and visualization tools to demonstrate opportunities for enabling successful aging.

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Struggling Seniors: The Nation’s Hidden Poor As baby boomers age, projections show an increase in ED visits and subsequent hospitalizations


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An Overview of Options for Home-based Healthcare at the Emergency Department


Through video, livestreams, webinars and other multimedia we are working to illustrate the challenges many seniors face to successful aging.

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Enabling Successful Aging Insights on Senior Dental Needs