UnityPoint Care at Home Clinic: Comprehensive Value-Based Care Delivery

< 1 min
April 14, 2021

UnityPoint Care at Home from Iowa discussed their specific in-home care model, how it provides value, and share their data and lessons learned.

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  • Gain understanding of home-based care models focused on ED & Hospital replacement options, for qualified patients, to improve quality & economic outcomes of care delivery.
  • Gain understanding of proactive, preventative, urgent, & interventional clinical practice to avert the patients’ need for escalation to high cost ED & Hospital Facility care

Watch here: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/jnh-eCLOT2CVn5VQLBm05vGMbZjKU5JLEqQrstis0cD94XeEJ71c3GN6IEEUdK712u-MiF5Lp6tFi7m1.tK41f2clcI-2zSBR?startTime=1618414272000&_x_zm_rtaid=bagkK076QNOGu5GLRkZG5g.1637685156119.0fbdf78e07e0392bd20108d31d9c445e&_x_zm_rhtaid=95


Dianne Schultz, DNP, MSN, RN – Director of Operations

Peter Read, DO – Medical Director