AHA Hospital Database

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December 14, 2016

Topic/Focus: Data related to demographic, payment, and services of hospitals

Year(s): 2013 and 2014

Source: CMS

Study and sample characteristics: Payment, serviceability, demographic, and utilization

Universe: Hospitals

Access: Private Use

Cost: $

Key weblinks: (provider of aha data)

Summary: The AHA Hospital Database, compiled from the AHA Annual Survey, is an invaluable reference for hospital market research reports and healthcare industry analysis on hospitals. Identify, analyze, and compare healthcare trends with comprehensive hospital survey data including more than 1,000 data fields on 6,400 hospitals. The AHA Annual Survey maintains an excellent response rate. In some instances estimation is used to provide values for missing items. Information on Hospital demographics, Organizational structure, Service lines and facilities, Utilization data, Physician arrangements, Managed care relationships, Hospital expenses, Staffing, including a range of physicians, View a complete list of the information available in the Hospital Database.