American Journal of Preventive Medicine Supplement

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December 03, 2012

Join the discussion on the American Journal of Preventive Medicine Supplement focused on healthcare cost crisis
The West Health Institute and the American Journal of Preventive Medicine have collaborated on an extensive peer reviewed publication providing insights on how key stakeholders can help avert the crisis of expanding costs in healthcare.

Titled “Addressing the Cost Crisis in Health Care: Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities,” this Supplement to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine brings together thought-leaders throughout the healthcare ecosystem to discuss the cost crisis and some potential solutions being implemented today, from payer to patient, physician to policy maker and private industry to entrepreneurs.

We need you to join the conversation about the cost of healthcare as well. Each week, West Health will feature a new discussion on each of these articles. Follow us @westhealth on Twitter for updates, or use the links below for the full text of each article and to our LinkedIn discussion group on Lowering the Cost of Health Care below. You can also send your comments about the Supplement or any of its articles to

Join the group and join the conversation.

The Stakeholder Imperative ►
A Role for Physicians: An Observation on Cost Containment ►
A Role for Entrepreneurs: An Observation on Lowering Healthcare Costs via Technology Innovation ►
A Role for Payers: Remarks on the Use of Data and Analytics in Support of Preventive Care ►
A Role for Research: An Observation on Preventative Services for Women►