Developing Age-Inclusive Telehealth Technologies for Hospital-level Care at Home

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January 30, 2024
Case study highlighting how Medically Home's technology and operational support are assisting health systems in delivering hospital-level care at home while addressing the unique needs of older adults.
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Key Takeaways

  • Developing easy to use, reliable, and safe technology solutions for the home setting that also meet the needs of older adult patients and their providers is a challenge. Addressing these challenges requires choosing telehealth devices that are compatible with patients’ environment and lifestyle as well as integrated with provider workflows and systems.
  • Boston-based Medically Home developed a delivery modelto address those challenges. It includes highly trained clinical staff providing care remotely and in home, a network of in-home providers, and a suite of technology solutions agile enough to efficiently deliver appropriate levels of care for a range of patient conditions. Their model aims to deliver personalized services that are the same or better as a brick-and-mortar hospital.
  • Medically Home’s technology-enabled solutions and operational support is helping health systems who provide hospital-level care at home meet clinical goals and better address the unique needs of older adults and other patients with complex conditions.