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February 18, 2016

Topic/Focus: Medicare Utilization, Prospective Payment Systems

Year(s): 2012 and 2013

Source: CMS

Study and sample characteristics:

Universe: Provider and Beneficiary Claim information

Base Claim File (282)
Revenue Center File (40)
Condition Code File (5)
Occurrence Code File (6)
Span Code File (7)
Value Code File (6)

Access: Limited Data set containing PHI payment and data use agreement required

Cost: $

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Summary: Data Sets obtained from RESDac have their Record Layouts documented Here. This page summarizes the Data Sets the Institute is using or will be using; their active status is also listed that identifies what stage of availability each data set is currently at. All the data summaries here are normalized to allow for easier understanding of what columnar data is available. The following analytics files share some commonality in column metadata. They are described together in the CMS Chronic Conditions Data Warehouse (CCW) Data Dictionary under Medicare Fee-for-Service Institutional Claims:
Inpatient SAF
Outpatient SAF
Skilled Nursing Facility SAF
Home Health Agency SAF
Hospice SAF