National Home and Hospice Care Survey (NHHCS)

Topic/focus: Healthcare Facilities and Services
Year(s): 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2007
Source: National Center for Health Statistics Study and sample characteristics: Interview, medical records
Universe: Home health agencies and hospices and their current and discharge patients
Variables: Varies by year
Access: Publicly available
Cost: Free
Key web links: National Home and Hospice Care Survey (NHHCS)
Summary: The NHHCS provides information on all types of agencies that provide home health and hospice care without regard to whether they are Medicare- or Medicaid-certified or whether they are licensed. The NHHCS is organized into the agency, current patient, and discharged patient files and includes data items on agency ownership, affiliation, and patient and staff counts; current patient demographics, diagnoses, procedures, assistive devices, activities of daily living, services, and payment information; and discharged patient demographics, diagnoses, procedures, assistive devices, activities of daily living, services, and payment information.