Survey and Chart Review to Estimate Medicare Cost Savings for Home Health as an Alternative to Hospital Admission Following Emergency Department Treatment

The Journal of Emergency Medicine has published the following peer-reviewed article, which provides cost savings evidence for home health care.

West Health has recognized that home-centered care can be a focal point for seniors, offering the option for effective care provided within the safety and comfort of home. The study described in this paper was designed in collaboration with the UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine in order to explore the possibility of providing home-based acute care options. This is particularly focused on rigorously establishing foundations of financial sustainability for this option against the backdrop of new, emerging Medicare payment structures.

Authors include: Christopher Crowley, PhD; Amy R. Stuck, RN, PhD (both of West Health); Tracy Martinez, RN; Alan C. Wittgrove, MD; Feng Zeng, PhD (West Health); Jesse J. Brennan, MA; Theodore C. Chan, MD; James P. Killeen, MD and Edward M. Castillo, PhD, MPH.



Almost 70% of hospital admissions for Medicare beneficiaries originate in the emergency department (ED). Research suggests that some of these patients’ needs may be better met through home-based care options after evaluation and treatment in the ED.

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