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Addressing America’s Healthcare Cost Crisis

The West Health Policy Center is focused on research and education to identify innovations and policy solutions that can slow the trajectory of rising healthcare costs while improving access to—and the quality of—care, particularly for our nation’s growing population of seniors. Specific areas of focus include reducing growth in U.S. spending on prescription drugs, promoting value-based care models, increasing price transparency, and limiting consumer exposure to high out-of-pocket costs. Solely funded by philanthropists Gary and Mary West, the Policy Center is based in Washington, D.C., and is part of West Health, a family of nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations dedicated to lowering the cost of healthcare to enable successful aging.

West Health launched a healthcare crisis clock. The U.S. is spending more than $420 million per hour on healthcare, and on track to spend $12 trillion by 2040, according to HealthCostCrisis.org, a new interactive website and crisis clock that tracks and forecasts healthcare spending in America in real time.


Advancing Integrated Care Models for Seniors

Every American has the right to expect a functioning and efficient healthcare system that delivers affordable, high-quality care. But the reality is that our seniors, especially the most vulnerable, bear the brunt of both high costs and care that does not adequately address their needs. The West Health Policy Center is focused on research, education and policy solutions that advance integrated care models preserving seniors’ dignity, quality of life, and independence. Working with stakeholders such as the American College of Emergency Physicians, the Policy Center champions the expansion of accredited geriatric emergency departments to ensure older patients receive appropriate and well-coordinated care. The Policy Center also supports initiatives to expand oral care services for vulnerable seniors, who often forgo dental care due to costs or the inability to access it. Additionally, the Policy Center supports the expansion of the Program for All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE), which helps older Americans who need a nursing home level of care receive these services in the comfort of their homes.

Supporting Policy Leaders

West Health Policy Center is pleased to support the Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program. The leadership program provides a unique opportunity to help improve healthcare for older adults by offering training for health and aging professionals to gain experience and skills needed to contribute to successful development and implementation of health policies impacting older Americans.


West Health Policy Center Experts

Timothy A. Lash, MBA

President, West Health;
CEO and President, Gary and Mary West PACE;
Chairman, West Health Policy Center

Cristina Boccuti, MA, MPP

Director, Health Policy

Sean Dickson, JD, MPH

Director, Health Policy

Amy Herr, MHS, PMP

Director, Health Policy

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