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States increasingly look to regulate hospital facility fees

By Bob Herman July 19, 2023 Unexpected “facility fees” charged by hospitals have become a growing source of rage for patients, and more states are taking steps to rein them in. A new report, published by Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms and West Health, examined 11 states that regulate facility fees and conducted… Read more »

Pharma Report: Inside Eli Lilly’s Move on Insulin

March 7, 2023 Eli Lilly’s decision to lower the list price of its most popular insulin product by 70 percent in the final months of 2023 will save the company millions of dollars it would have paid in rebates to state Medicaid programs starting in 2024, POLITICO’s David Lim reports. State Medicaid programs would have generated about… Read more »

Many Clinicians View Telehealth as ‘Dangerous’ Option for Seniors

By Amy Novotney January 20, 2023 Despite the growing telehealth use, especially during the pandemic, many doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers remain reluctant to use it when dealing with medical issues affecting older adults. A national survey of more than 7,000 providers provides insight into that reluctance. Conducted by the West Health Institute in… Read more »

After Nine Months, an Update on NIH’s Long Covid Research

By Rachel Cohrs December 22, 2022 Pandemic response gets a home at the White House The White House has relied on a rotating cast of temporary czars to coordinate responses to public health threats from Covid-19, to mpox, to AIDS, to the bird flu. But if the government funding package passes, pandemic preparedness will have a permanent… Read more »

Senior Living Faces Unique Challenges in Implementing Widespread Telehealth Use

By Kimberly Bonvissuto December 20, 2022 The relative independence and health of senior living residents compared with other long-term care recipients likely affect the use of telehealth in independent living and assisted living communities, but an author of a new study tells McKnight’s Senior Living that opportunities exist for such communities to save money, increase resident satisfaction… Read more »

The 3 Principles That Make Telehealth for Older Adults Successful

December 13, 2022 For UVA Health geriatrician Laurie Archbald-Pannone, MD, the pandemic-driven transition to telehealth inspired a years-long effort to optimize this technology not only for her patients, but for all older adults. In collaboration with West Health Institute and Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (MATRC), Pannone developed the Collaborative for Telehealth for Aging. This effort brings together more than two dozen… Read more »

Stress Prominent Among U.S. Adults Struggling to Pay for Care

By Dan Witters and Nicole Willcoxon December 5, 2022 Editor’s Note: The research detailed below was conducted in partnership with West Health, a family of nonprofit and nonpartisan organizations focused on lowering healthcare costs to enable successful aging. Seven percent of U.S. adults, representing an estimated 18 million people, report recently being unable to pay… Read more »

SPECIAL BLOG SERIES: A “How-to” on Integrating Value-based Care Models into Existing Contracts

  By Jeffrey Davis December 1, 2022 Welcome back to the special blog series that ACEP is doing with the Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative (GEDC), as well as West Health and The John A Hartford Foundation! These blog posts delve into the concept of value-based care in emergency medicine. As a reminder, the first blog post in the series, posted in… Read more »

Our Opinion: A lack of faith in health care providers

November 30, 2022 All we want for Christmas is good health — and good health care — for everyone. But to hear North Carolinians tell it, that goal is increasingly elusive. Most North Carolinians don’t believe their health insurance provider has their best interest in mind, according to a Meredith College survey, the results of… Read more »