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Brewing Alzheimer’s Drug Plan Fights Rest in Patients’ Hands

Medicare also has precedent on its side regarding coverage of other medical products developed for Alzheimer’s patients. Aduhelm isn’t the first medical product associated with Alzheimer’s disease that has been subject to a CED, said Sean Dickson, director of health policy at the West Health Policy Center.

112 million Americans struggle to pay for health care

Around 112 million Americans have trouble paying for health care, while more than 90 percent of the country believes it is not worth the cost. The data was collected by Gallup and West Health through the Healthcare Affordability Index and Healthcare Value Index

Aduhelm Pay-Formula Change Overshadowed By Other Developments

Aduhelm’s price drop in December was a windfall for providers in the first quarter of this year because Medicare was still reimbursing them the previous price plus the add-on payment, according to Sean Dickson, director of health policy for West Health.

Civica aims to launch low-cost insulin in U.S. by 2024

Non-profit drugmaker Civica said on Thursday it expects to launch lower-cost versions of insulin in the United States by 2024, to help diabetic patients struggling with high prices for the life-sustaining medicine.

Nonprofit Civica goes after insulin prices in a big way, prepping for $30 vials by 2024

And that’s just what nonprofit generic drugmaker Civica is looking to do, with plans to manufacture and market three of the most common forms of insulin: glargine, lispro and aspart. Perhaps most importantly, the company says it plans to set the price of each insulin to the consumer at no more than $30 per vial and no more than $55 for a box of five pen cartridges.