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Senate Dems Enable Medicare to Negotiate (Some) Drug Prices

By Katherine Ellen Foley, David Lim, and Lauren Gardner August 9, 2022 Senate Democrats pushed through a provision of the Inflation Reduction Act that would allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices with drugmakers. The bill passed in a 51-50 vote Sunday morning. The section within the bill, which the House is expected to pass Friday, has… Read more »

The impact of rising health care costs, in 4 charts

August 9, 2022 In the last six months, higher health care costs drove 38% of U.S. adults—an estimated 98 million Americans—to delay or forgo health care treatments, cut back on routine expenses, or borrow money to cover their medical expenses, according to a new poll conducted by West Health and Gallup. For the study, West Health and Gallup… Read more »

Pharma Lobby Readies Legal Firepower for Drug Pricing Measures

By Shira Stein August 9, 2022 Attorneys disagreed over whether Congress gave enough guidance on which drugs should be negotiated so as to prevent litigation over the issue. “There are many ways in which this proposal is extremely specific, and some of them are designed to provide as much guidance to HHS as possible,” Sachs said, such… Read more »

How the Inflation Reduction Act Could Lower Your Drug Costs

By Abigail Abrams August 8, 2022 The package would empower the federal government to negotiate prices for certain expensive medications that seniors get at their doctors’ offices or at pharmacies. Starting in 2026, Medicare could negotiate the prices of 10 drugs. That would increase to 15 drugs in 2027 and 2028, and then 20 drugs… Read more »

Inflation Has Many Americans Cutting Back on Health Care, Poll Finds

By Dennis Thompson August 8, 2022 Inflation is putting Americans’ health at risk, with nearly 2 in 5 struggling to pay for the care they need, according to a new West Health-Gallup poll. About 38% — which translates to an estimated 98 million Americans — said rising health care prices had caused them to skip… Read more »

4 in 10 Americans cut spending to cover healthcare costs

By Nathan Tucker August 5, 2022 Four in 10 Americans have delayed or skipped healthcare treatments in the last six months due to rising healthcare costs, according to an Aug. 4 report from Gallup. According to the report, about 98 million Americans were forced to take extraordinary measures to afford healthcare, including trimming household expenses or borrowing… Read more »


By Sarah Owermohle August 5, 2022 Nearly 40 percent of American adults say they recently skipped or delayed health care treatments because of high costs, according to a poll by West Health and Gallup. Women are disproportionately cutting back compared with men, especially younger women. Thirty percent of women — and 36 percent of women under… Read more »

Rising health care costs, inflation lead Americans to skip or delay treatment

By Gianna Melillo August 5, 2022 Steep inflation rates have prompted many Americans to make cuts to their everyday spending in order to pay for health care expenses, according to a new poll conducted by West Health and Gallup.  Nearly 40 percent of those surveyed said they had cut back on driving, utilities, and food, and skipped… Read more »

Health care costs are so high that 98 million Americans say they’ve had to cut spending on food and gas

By L’oreal Thompson Payton August 4, 2022 Gas and groceries aren’t the only necessities costing more these days. In an effort to accommodate higher health care costs, Americans have been delaying or skipping treatments altogether. According to a new survey from West Health and Gallup, 38% of Americans, or roughly 98 million people, cut back on food,… Read more »