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Join the Movement: Every State Should Have a Multisector Plan for Aging

By Amy Herr, Erin Westphal and Scott Bane January 11, 2023 ASA is partnering with West Health, The SCAN Foundation and The John A. Hartford Foundation on a series of posts, virtual and On Aging programming to foster Multisector Plans for Aging across the country. This is the first in the blog post series. To… Read more »

Perceptions and Uses of Telehealth in the Care of Older Adults

     By Liane Wardlow, PhD, Carly Roberts, MPH, and Laurie Archbald-Pannone, MD, MPH, on behalf of The Collaborative for Telehealth and Aging December 9, 2022 Clinicians identify challenges in using tele-health with older adults, yet they continue to use it at high rates. We conducted a nation-wide survey of US clinicians to assess the… Read more »

Telehealth with older adults: Getting it right

      By Kevin Biese MD, Steven M. Handler MD, Liane Wardlow PhD, Zia Agha MD November 1, 2022 Telehealth has tremendous potential to improve healthcare access, efficiency, and safety; the COVID pandemic has only made this more evident. The high number of excess deaths1 and decreased utilization of medical care early in the pandemic,2 especially… Read more »

How states can act to limit drug price increases, saving employers and workers billions

    By Sean Dickson October 20, 2022 The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 mandates that Medicare-covered drug sales will be protected from price increases that exceed inflation, but the mechanics of this “inflation penalty” have generated some confusion. A top Medicare official recently noted that the per-pill value of the Medicare inflation penalty will be calculated based on average… Read more »

How Venture Philanthropy Can Disrupt Health Care: Lessons from Civica Rx

By Shelley Lyford October 12, 2022 Health care costs in the United States are simply untenable, threatening the financial health and personal well-being of Americans. Domestic spending on health care quadrupled from 1980 to 2018 and now accounts for 17% of GDP and 24% of government spending. Yet health outcomes in the U.S. lag well… Read more »

The Case For Accountable Care Organizations To Partner With Geriatric Emergency Departments

By Robert Mechanic, MBA and Kevin Biese, MD, MAT February 17, 2022 Older adults—particularly those with complex medical and social needs—are frequent users of medical care, but they are often not well served by America’s fragmented health care system. Most health care systems, particularly hospitals and other health care facilities, are not organized or operated… Read more »

Caregivers are not visitors

By Kevin Biese, MD, MAT, 1 , 2 Sarah Lenz Lock, JD, 3 , 4 and Zia Agha, MD 2 In this journal, Lo and colleagues 1 share their survey of hospitals and emergency departments (EDs) across the country to determine how many had posted visitor policies and exceptions during the early stages of the COVID‐19 Public Health Emergency (PHE). Not surprisingly, almost all hospitals… Read more »

Using the Holiday Season to Address Persistent Malnutrition

By Liane Wardlow and Virginia Suarez December 8, 2021 The holiday season is a traditional time of giving to those in need, particularly those who are food insecure. Favorite foods, family and good cheer go hand-in-hand, but the deluge of meals, packaged goods and grocery deliveries can’t correct a year-long struggle with malnutrition that increased… Read more »