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Why We Sponsor Last Mile Ride

Gifford’s 16th annual Last Mile event supports end-of-life and palliative care services. Gifford provides special care in two suites to support patients and their grieving families. The Last Mile fundraiser supports hospice care that includes a variety of pain management alternative therapies. The organization also provides family member support, including meals, assistance with travel costs,… Read more »

Healthcare Consolidation: Major Contributor to Rising Costs

Compared to other developed nations, the United States spends far more on healthcare yet still experiences lagging health outcomes. At the same time, healthcare spending in the United States continues to outpace our economic growth. One of the key contributing factors to rising healthcare costs is rising market consolidation. Since 2010 there have been more… Read more »

High Drug Costs: TRx Of The Trade

This animation explains some of the various tactics used by the pharmaceutical industry to keep drug prices high and ward off competition. The video breaks down how different types of patents and drug rebates are used, who benefits from them, how they affect prices, and the impact that high prices have on federal spending and… Read more »

Master Plan For Aging

California’s Master Plan for Aging is a visionary, 10-year blueprint that guides state and local government, communities, private organizations, and philanthropies in better caring for all residents at all stages of life. California is one of only five states to have a plan how to optimally support an aging society. This video outlines the growing… Read more »